MLB Baseball Betting Odds

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We get asked quite frequently how MLB baseball betting odds work and want to clear up any confusion new bettors may have. We decided to create this section to help our clients figure out what is meant by the betting money lines in order to get more people active in the easiest sport to make money on. The favorites in baseball odds are denoted by numbers like -175, -145, or -225. This negative amount means the number a player has to wager in order to win $100. For the underdogs in MLB betting, a number like +120, +155, or +180 means how much a bettor stands to win if they wager $100. There are really no point spreads in baseball betting, just run lines. Run Lines work almost the same as money lines except that a +1.5 or -1.5 is added to the equation. This basically means that a favorite has to win by more than one run, or an underdog has to stay within a run in order for the bettor to win the wager, but you aren’t going to get a balanced -110 juice on each side, there will still be uneven numbers like the money lines.

The pitchers in baseball are the most heavily weighted factor in determining the lines set by baseball odds makers. Home field advantage is another big factor in determining the money line for each and every MLB game. There are many factors that go into making our quality premium and free MLB picks and we hope our section helps you learn a little more about betting in general.

When the lines makers come up with the MLB odds for each night’s games, they look at a number of different factors to help determine the predicted outcome. The MLB baseball betting odds makers take in-depth looks at injury reports, local newspapers, player match-ups, coaching strategies, where the game is played, and a variety of other factors. Some teams play better in a dome, some on grass, some when playing after a loss. The juice for baseball comes from the difference in the favorite and the dog. A typical game will have a situation like Oakland A’s -145, New York Yankees +135. This means that if an equal amount of action is placed on Oakland as New York, and NY wins, the book takes $145 from all the favorite bettors, while they pay out $135 to the underdogs.

MLB baseball betting odds make betting on professional baseball difficult and that is why you might need the help of an experienced baseball handicapper. The Info Plays staff goes deep into each team’s stats, tendencies, and match-ups to find holes in the lines makers odds. We have had a long documented history of success in the MLB, but if you are not ready to sign up for one of our successful premium picks packages, then join our free baseball picks newsletter.