NFL Odds, Betting Lines, & Point Spreads

Visit us for a list of NFL odds from multiple sportsbooks this fall.  NFL betting uses point spreads in order to draw the majority of the action.  When the odds makers set NFL betting lines they look to give a certain number of points to the underdog team and take a certain number of points away from the favorite in order to make the teams even.  We recommend that you open an account with at least four different online sportsbooks this year so you can benefit from betting on only the best NFL football odds available to you.  You will find different sportsbooks offer different point spreads and the only way to capitalize on the best NFL lines available for your picks and thus achieve the highest winning percentage possible.

This number used to set the action is called the point spread and is used to get balanced action on both sides of the game.  The sportsbooks are interested in mostly drawing the same amount of action on both sides and collecting the juice.  When betting on sides you will most likely risk $110 to win $100.  So if the game is balanced then the books make money off of the vigorish, or juice.  Let's use an example:

Dallas +3.5
Washington -3.5

In the game above Dallas is getting 3.5 points in this game while Washington is giving up 3.5 points.  Let's say you think Dallas is going to win.  After placing your wager you watch the game, all you need is either for Dallas to win the game outright or have them lose by only a field goal or less.  Now if you take Washington you are only going to collect at the pay window if they win the game by 4 or more points.  In cases where the point spread is an even number you can also push the game, which means tie.  In cases of pushes the game is treated as no action and the bet is replaced to the bettor's account. 

Of course another way to beat the NFL football betting odds and gain the highest winning percentage possible is to sign up for an NFL picks package from the Info Plays team.  We have achieved a near 60% win rate in every season of this site's existence and plan to do the same again this season.  If you want to win drastic amounts of units with our 3-7 NFL predictions each week then you need to sign up for a package as soon as possible.  We take great pride in being one of the smartest handicapping services on the planet, only betting on the few games each week that show the most value and will win us the most money.  We do not bet on a lot of money lines or totals, but like sticking to the sides, or the spread betting that we explained above.  The reason is that we think that we can go into the team news reports, matchups, and latest trends and can find ourselves hitting a high rate in predicting the outcomes.